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Investing in your future

No doubt you’ve learned a lot so far in your career.

Why not turn it into a book?

Inc.com says, “A book can be a powerful tool for advancing your career and establishing yourself as a brand and as an industry leader.”

Writing a book is a great way to establish yourself as a credible expert. It will impress colleagues and potential employers, make you stand out from competitors, and increase your market value.

But first you want to do your homework. Learn about the publishing business. Research who else has already written a book similar to yours.

Then work with the best. A professional publishing team—which can include a ghostwriter, an editor, a publisher, a distributor and a promoter—will help you present yourself as polished and professional.

Book developer and publisher Lynne Klippel, owner of Business Building Books, offers a free BOOK BUSINESS PLAN to get you started. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Ask yourself: What if you invested $2,000 and got an amazing promotion? Or the new job of your dreams?

Would it be worth it?



3 reasons you want to master editing

Completed the first draft of your novel? Congratulations!

You think that was work? Get ready for EDITING! This is where your major work begins.

Editing isn’t just about making sure the words are spelled correctly and the grammar is correct. Editing is looking at every aspect of your writing—from your initial story idea, through the telling of your story, to how you craft your sentences.

Well, yes, and spelling and punctuation, too.

I’ve had writers in my classes say, “Oh, I’ll just hire an editor to do all that.”

Really? And what is your budget for that?

So here are 3 reasons why after you master the art of writing you want to master the art of editing:

1 – Professional editing is not cheap. Not only that but, to cover all the bases, you will likely need to hire two people, a Developmental or Content Editor and a Copy or Line Editor.

2 – You can significantly reduce professional editing costs. If you want to hire an editor—and when you feel you are completely finished with your manuscript you should pay a qualified person to look at the work—you will need to budget anywhere from $3/page to $40/hour. And that’s the low end. You only have to google “average editing costs” to verify what I’m talking about.

3 – Presenting a well-edited book to an agent or publishing house makes you look professional. And professionalism increases your chances of being taken seriously as a writer and getting published.

For more detailed information on the editing process and how you can easily master it, CLICK HERE.




Why done is better than perfect

When I run across a really great line like “Done is better than perfect” I’m always curious to know who wrote it. Unfortunately “anonymous” is quite a popular writer.

Nevertheless, the context of “Done is better than perfect” gives us something to think about.

How many of us are so obsessed with perfection that we never get the darned job/project/book completed?

For 2017, I challenge you to take a deep breath, plunge into your WIP, and at least finish the first draft.

Let go of all the noisy voices in your head that insist it be perfect.

What’s keeping you from completing your favorite writing project? Is it your deep-down desire for perfection?



3 Reasons why it’s better to be a lark.

Are you a lark or an owl?

Larks awaken at first light and lay in bed thinking, thinking, thinking, until they decide “enough of that” and get up to start doing.

Owls begin to get energized when the sun goes down; they can stay up all night producing thousands of words on their WIP (work in progress.)

Personally, I’m a lark and proud of it.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s better to be a lark:

1 – You get your important personal project worked on before anything else steals your day. If you’re an owl, there’s too much chance during the day that some doing thing will come up that will prevent you from beginning your work in the evening.

2 – You’re less likely to be interrupted because other people who can distract you aren’t up yet.

3 – The coffee tastes better first thing in the morning.

Are you a lark or an owl? When is the best time of day for you to write?